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Blood flowing as a river

There is ongoing war in Azerbaijan… No, this is not a war, this is a mass killing!… This is not a war, but this is a blood bath, gruesome bloodshed!… The war has laws or rules of its own… Such violence is not used against women, children or invalids!… Men are captured by an enemy in war, but women or girls are not!… Such brutality cannot be applied to prisoners in war!… That is not called a war if someone breaks into your territory to occupy it. It is called a banditry and a plundering… It is cruelty to slaughter all fellow men to defend their motherland by the way of Russian 366 motorized regiment… This is unpardonable crime of Armenian bandits!

No. This is not a war. It is called a massacre, a blood bath!… This is a tragedy of forgotten land!… This is a genocide perpetrated by violent Armenian blood thirstier!…

This is not a war!… It is organized bandits and extermination!… That is called as a genocide of one nation!…

This genocide is appealing us to vengeance! And that must be done until the blood of genocide victims will be subdued. Till the end of that vengeance, peace is not possible!…

Armenian speculations on the case of investigation of Khojaly tragedy.

The history is teaching us the real lessons of human mankind. Today we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Khojaly tragedy perpetrated by Armenians on February 25-26, 1992. Khojaly tragedy is enshrined at the memory of our history by a bloody line. The Republic of Azerbaijan has done a lot for the dissemination of the historical truth on Armenian crimes. Azerbaijani nation today remembers how it was painful for those who saved their lives from the hand of Armenian criminals.

Now Armenian propaganda is trying to speculate with the reasons of occurred tragedy. It seems that Armenians feel that justice will be brought to them and Armenian State has taken a strategic line known to every Armenian propaganda machine.

Today’s Armenian strategic line and its description

1. First of all, they say that military attack of “the armed forces of self-defense of Nagorno-Karabakh” have decided to leave a humanitarian corridor in one unique direction for civilians of Khojaly city. Those wanted to be “humanists” to create a possibility for civilians to avoid the results of military operation.

2. They claim that the attack of Khojaly was necessary because of security for “Stepanakert” (this name of city is used by Armenians instead of Azerbaijani original name Khankendi). They claim to be only attackers. So, Armenian pretended to be alone in military operations.

3. Armenians explain the mass slaughter of civilians of Khojaly as “bad doings” of Azerbaijani armed forces or People’s Fronts’ activists in order to satisfy the inner political interests of political power.

4. The late Chingiz Fuad Mustafayev, cameraman-hero, son of Azerbaijani nation and his awful film about the victims of Khojaly are explained by Armenian propaganda that they were killed as a result of military operation. Then Mustafayev has arrived to shoot a film in place. Before his arrival all dead bodies were humiliated and scalped by Azerbaijanis themselves.

5. Armenian tell-tale about Mutalibov. In that moment Mutalibov has give “confession” that if People’s Front of Azerbaijan would abide to sign an agreement to place Azerbaijani army under the control of the CIS chief military headquarters, the situation could be different at all. (“Azg” Armenian newspaper. February 20, 2002)

6. Armenians say that Azerbaijanis are “playing” with statistical data on victims. Sometimes they count 600, 800, 1500 or 3000… Instead the “armed forces of Nagorno Karabakh” have counted only 11 victims and two children among them.

The Armenian strategic point of view on Khojaly tragedy is well explained in the lines above. They use same wording in their official and non-official policy, newspapers, television and radio. On the eve of tenth anniversary the Armenian mass-media is full of articles with the same explanation. It is quite clear to state that Republic of Armenia has drafted a very “non-smart” policy paper. The leadership of the Republic of Armenia is trying to hide a crime of Khojaly tragedy. It is quite clear that this historical truth is known to Armenian people. This crime of Armenian leadership will find an appropriate political judgment.

What kind of policy should be applied to break down such ridiculous “non-smart” policy paper?

The Republic of Azerbaijan has really strengthened its positions in the world during last decade of its own national independence. All Azerbaijani society is quite seriously involved in dissemination of information of “this Christian terrorist state” as it has been said by Samuel Weems.

There are real achievements on the information battlefield. If we shall analyze the first days of independence, we can surely say that the paradigm of “Armenian always crying victim-nation” was firmly ruling everywhere. The world is changing. The Republic of Azerbaijan is living its very best days of its independence. Young generations become more active in bringing justice to worldwide Armenian falsities. Since recent times, Armenians understand that the game is lost. They are facing to the real resistance from the part of Azerbaijani information forces. That is proved in the following lines:

1. As it was repeatedly stated by foreign journalists and not only by Azerbaijani side, “the humanitarian corridor” used by Armenians as a bloody trap for Khojaly survivors. They surrounded Khojaly city from four directions: North-South-West-East. It has been adviced by Russian 366 motorised regiment specialists. Armenian barbarity has decided to let the civilians to run in that bloody trap towards Agdam. All the world knows that Khojaly city was completely isolated from the rest of Azerbaijan a long time before Armenian invasion. In that awful night Armenians thanked Russian military for the help and then they have gone to celebrate their victory over Khojaly with a fresh human blood. As you know, all heroes-defenders of Khojaly were dead in defending city. And Armenians entered into city without a shed blood. Armenian vandalism reported to the international community was explained that they scalped and humiliated dead bodies of children, women and old persons.

2. All know that Armenians have conquered Khojaly city with the military support of Russian troops, which were forgotten by Russia. The only airport in Nagorno Karabakh was located near Khojaly. That is why it was so important for Armenians.

3. People’s Front of Azerbaijan was a movement for national liberation of Azerbaijan. Do not forget that it was not a political party in that time. So many internal political forces were represented in that movement called People’s Front of Azerbaijan. It is obvious that Ayaz Mutalibov was holding power as a President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. People’s Front of Azerbaijan has no any weapons or hand grenades, but their open hearts to fight for the sake of beloved nation. So, I ask every man - How could an activist of People’s Front of Azerbaijan scalp a dead body of Azerbaijani child? We address to the Armenian propaganda: “Where is logic?”

4. If you have already watched that awful film of Chingiz Mustafayev, you can hear him crying. That was quite understandable to everyone. Then, an Azerbaijani soldier who helps to collect dead bodies says: “Hey man. Stop shooting. This area is under control of Armenians.” It was an island in occupied by Armenians zone. Why we call Chingiz as a hero? He decided to go in that occupied zone in order to shoot the barbarity of Armenians.

5. In that time Mutalibov was not really able to influence all those criminal cases committed by Armenians. Today’s late “comments” or “confession” (word liked by Armenian press) are nothing but to find out grounds for his political behavior in that time.

6. All nations know that it is practically not possible to count the victims after first days of any conflict or war. Even today Azerbaijani side is trying to count all the victims. As you know that the exact figures are not known to our nation because of aggression of Armenian against Azerbaijan.

Recently, the recognition of Khojaly tragedy perpetrated by Armenians has come from a part of an Armenian journalist living in Beirut, Lebanon. Rovshan Novruzoglu, political analyst has conducted an investigation for studying the Khojaly tragedy. He says that the book recently published by “Ash-Sharg” (East) agency in Beirut has shed a light to those bloody events. The name of that book is “For the sake of Cross…”. The author is Daud Kheyriyan has devoted the pages 19-76 of that book to the Khojaly events.

Daud Kheyriyan, “For the sake of Cross…”, page 24:

“… Sometimes we happened to march on dead bodies. In order to cross a swamp near Dashbulag, we have paved a road composed of dead bodies. I refused to march on dead bodies. Then colonel Oganyan ordered me not to scare. It is one of military laws. I have pressed my one foot onto the breast of a wounded girl aged 9 or 10 years and marched…

My legs, my photo camera were in blood…”

Daud Kheyriyan, “For the sake of Cross…”, page 62 and 63:

“… the Armenian group “Gaflan” (dealing with burning of dead bodies) have collected 100 dead bodies of Turks (Azerbaijani) and burned them in a place located one kilometer from Khojaly to the West on March 2… I saw girl aged 10 and wounded in hands and in head lying in last truck. Her face was already of a blue color. But she was still alive despite of hunger, coldness and wounds. She had a little breath. I cannot forget her eyes striving with death… Suddenly a soldier called Tigranyan took that body and thrown it on other dead bodies… Then they have burned dead bodies. It seemed to me that someone was crying in fire between dead bodies… After all I could not go further. But I wanted to see Shusha… I returned. And they continued their battles for the sake of Cross….”

So far the international mass media has told about the Khojaly tragedy in more open way. The truth was reported to international community. It is probable that this Khojaly tragedy will never be forgotten by all mankind.

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